Prawns With Tung Hoon (goong ob woon sen)

One of my favourite Thai dishes and it’s actually very easy to prepare – so easy that you can even do it with one hand while the other holds the camera.

Prawns With Indonesian Sauce

Prawns are one of my favourites. Thankfully, prawns can be cooked in so many ways, so they don’t get boring. After my Rinjani expedition, I learned to make a special Indonesian sauce that goes very well with vegetables and prawns.

Here I have some angka prawns. They were frozen, but they taste just as good as the “fresh” variety as long as you thaw them slowly. The prawns here all had their shells cut open from the top and deveined.

Other than a dash of sambal and a couple of teaspoons of salt, the ingredients can all be seen here. Sliced tomatoes, lime leaves, gula Melaka. Boil up the mixture, then slowly simmer it down to a thick gravy. You may need to add a little water, but probably not more than a couple of tablespoons full.

Set the sauce aside, then fry some garlic with your prawns. You don’t need to cook them fully. Just make sure they are coated with oil and under high heat, the aroma of the fried shells emerges.

Once you’ve got the aromatic vapours from the prawns rising, pour in the special sauce you’ve prepared and bring everything to a slow boil. Don’t forget that the prawns will release some moisture, so don’t add water. You want to reduce the liquid.

Toss the prawns around to make sure it’s evenly cooked. The final result should be almost dry. Squeeze the juice from one lime to make it even more appetising.

There we have it. Prawns with Indonesian sauce. Do try this at home. Your kids will love it.

Fried Chicken Wings With Plum Sauce

This wonderful dish looks rather common but it’s actually not that easy to make. There are two main steps involved here. The first step is to prepare the chicken wings and the second is to prepare the gravy. For the wings, you would need to marinate them with salt, pepper and plain flour. Keep them in the refrigerator for an hour or two.

Next, you fry the chicken wings. Most chefs would deep fry. It can be quite a challenge using so little oil, but with plenty of manipulation with a pair of wooden chopsticks, you can still get the wings quite evenly browned on most sides.

The end result of skillful pan-frying should look something like this. Once you’re done with frying the chicken wings, you would set the aside and prepare your “glaze”.

I have some chopped garlic and chilli back in the pan. Fry till the garlic starts to brown, then add about 2 cups of water, a couple of tablespoons of plum sauce. Toss the wings back in the pan and treat them with a drizzle of light soya sauce.

Turn down the heat, slowly reduce the liquid until it begins to look as if your wings are honey-coated. Scoop them them and serve.

There we have it, chicken wings with plum sauce. Do try this at home. As sweet as it’s savoury, the kids are sure to love it. Eat in moderation it can be quite fattening.