Spiced Sardines

Our Indian makan places have ingenious ways of turning a cheap, boring and fishy canned food into a tasty dip or filling. There are numerous variations I’ve discovered out there and even I myself experiment with different spice combinations. The video below shows one of the many methods of preparing “curried” sardines.

This paste goes well with roti prata, naan and even rice. You can also put it into a cup of lettuce and eat it like a salad. The best part, it’s so easy.

How To Cook Rice In A Microwave Oven

You may have a big rice cooker at home and if there’s only one person eating that day, you may want to try this method of cooking rice instead of going for cup noodles.

Prawns With Tung Hoon (goong ob woon sen)

One of my favourite Thai dishes and it’s actually very easy to prepare – so easy that you can even do it with one hand while the other holds the camera.