Vegetarian Lunch Box

This is another very simple dish. Just dump everything inside (apart from the tung hoon) and stew with soy sauce and sesame oil for an hour. Throw in the tung hoon when it’s almost ready. Goes very well with rice.

Lunch Box: Ketchup Prawns, Mixed Vege

This is how you can beat the lunchtime crowd. This doesn’t take much time to prepare.

Japanese Buffet

This has to be one of my favourite Japanese buffet places. It’s the Kiseki Japanese Restaurant located at the basement of the Heeren, Orchard Road (opposite Mandarin Gallery). There’s a huge sumo wrestler at the entrance. Luckily it’s not real. It’s self service, but plenty of good stuff here. I focus mainly on the seafood and sashimi, but the other stuff are very good as well.

I won’t be going for the weekday lunch which is only $19.80 per pax. Weekday dinner $29.80++ per pax. Worked out to be $30+ per person, but still pretty worthwhile.