Crave Nasi Lemak

Prices have gone up! Below is the beef rendang version. Very pricey at $10+, but there is standard here. The beef is tender, tasty and not dry as leather like some of those you find at Indonesian food stalls. I won’t have this too often, but it’s a real treat.


Chan’s Cereal Prawns

This is one of my son’s favourite dishes. It’s very tasty and not too difficult to prepare. First step is to fry the prawns until they are cooked through. Once that is done, I like to drain the excess oil before I add in some butter and curry leaves.

Fry at low heat until the curry leaves start to wrinkle. Then toss in some salted egg yolk powder (readily available at any supermarket in Singapore these days).

Be generous with the powder. It’s not as salty as you think. At this point, you can also add some chopped chilli padi. Finally the “cereal” goes in. I prefer to use tempura “crumbs”

Mix well and your dish is done.

Hawking Woes

Don’t just blame the government. This country is full of kiasu, kiasi, gian png, cheapskate, class conscious people who refuse to give hawkers the respect they deserve.