Sangria With Curry

I think sangria goes pretty well with curry. I used to make “complicated” sangria with prunes, grapes and what not, but orange and lemon juice are really all that you need.

Freshly squeezed orange juice. You can use cordial, but it won’t taste as good. I have about 8 oranges here. Remember to squeeze in the juice from one lemon too. You can use lime, but I find that lemon works better for me.

There’s a lot of debate about whether you should “waste” a good wine on sangria, but I personally find that good sangria always comes from good wine. This wine is on offer and it’s reasonably good. Of course, my favourite are South African or Chilean wines. Once, I used a Spanish wine. It definitely went well.

And here’s the mixture. It still looks like red wine, but even people who don’t like wine will love this. I’ve chilled the wine and oranges beforehand, so this sangria is ready for drinking. Goes well with curry.

© Chan Joon Yee

Curry Curry Night

I have no special preference. Almost any brand of curry paste will do. Try not to get curry powder.

Again, coconut milk is an absolute must. You can try healthier substitutes, but it won’t taste as good.

Chicken drumstick. Other parts are OK, I just prefer drumstick for the texture and succulence.

Lemongrass is optional, but I would rather have it. It adds a nice fragrance to the curry.

No special preference as far as potatoes go. I just pick something that looks good.

As usual, olive oil is used. I fry some shallots in it. Then, I put in the lemongrass.

The chicken goes in next, followed by the curry paste. The mixture is fried until everything is nice and fragrant.

In goes the water. I prefer to add the potatoes a little later. Mashed potatoes don’t go well with this dish.

In goes the coconut milk. The colour turns creamy brown. The aroma becomes even richer. I’ve skimmed out the orange oil over here.

Here’s the baguette that goes very well with curry chicken. Buy it as fresh as possible. Warm it a little before serving.

© Chan Joon Yee

What Wine Goes With Ngoh Hiang?

Wine with ngoh hiang? Am I crazy? Maybe, but definitely not drunk. Ngoh hiang is good finger food that goes well with wine. Here’s my recommendation.

It’s South African. My favourite wine country. Really great value for money. A late harvest tells you that it’s sweet. Unlike some muscats, this dessert wine is not too sickly sweet. Nice fruity flavour with lingering, fragrant finish.


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