Homemade Satay

OK, I bought the raw and frozen stuff from the supermarket, but it still takes a bit of skill to grill it properly.

Out from the pack. Still partially frozen.

Spread them out nicely over a baking tray lined with aluminium foil. Brush some oil on the meat and sticks.

Look at the meat. It’s raw. No instant satay here.

Into the oven, heated to 200 deg C. Be careful not to burn the sticks.

Didn’t keep an eye on the clock. Let your nose be the judge. If it’s nice and fragrant, it’s done.

Yes, it’s done. Chewy, juicy and fragrant. You can actually discard the sticks and grill just the meat alone. No difference in taste. But if the feel of satay is important to you, keep the meat on the sticks.