Curry Fish (Without The Head)

This is one step I never leave out. Fry the fish. I know it’s not really necessary and many people don’t do it, but I find the fish a lot tastier if you fry it first.

I call this lady’s fingers. You may also call it ocra.

I call it brinjal. You may call it eggplant.

I think we can all agree on this one. Tomatoes.

I place all the washed and cut vegetables into a large, stewing pot.

This smaller pot is for preparing the curry mix. First, I fry shallots in olive oil.

I stir in the curry mixture and fry until it’s fragrant.

Healthy or unhealthy, there is no substitute for coconut milk. A small packet of it is sufficient.

Next, I would transfer the fried paste into the pot of prepared vegetables, add water, coconut milk, a dash of sugar and bring the whole pot to a boil. Add in the fried fish last. I like my vegetables soft and my fish juicy.

Goes well with white rice.

© Chan Joon Yee