Seafood Bee Hoon

Like they say, simple food is the hardest to do well. This seafood bee hoon is my own invention and it breaks nearly all the rules of bee hoon. You may try it out for yourselves and see if it works for you. Definitely works for me.

First, I add plenty of olive oil to my wok and fry some shallots and fish paste in it.

In with the prawns and oyster sauce.

Next, I add the vegetables. A little short over here. I think the dish will look and taste better with more vegetables.

Finally, dump in soaked bee hoon. Make sure the bee hoon is soaked in cool water and not hot water. Soggy bee hoon never tastes good. Toss it around that gooey mixture and let the bee hoon soak up the nice oyster, fish paste, prawn flavoured juices. I don’t believe in pepper for bee hoon, so none was added here.

The dish is finally ready. Serve it piping hot. Goe very well with Sin Sin garlic chilli sauce.

See those tiny shreds of fish paste embedded in the bee hoon? That’s the killer.