Swiss Baked Curry Puff?

Swiss Bake. Doesn’t sound like a very likely curry puff maker. Of course, they do mostly ang moh pastries, but just to give them some benefit of the doubt, I decided to try out their curry puff.

My conclusion? They passed with flying colours. This has to be one of the best curry puffs I’ve tried. Very nice and fragrant curry. Delicious chicken. The crust is flaky and not too buttery. I think credit should also be given to the way the pastry has been stored and kept fresh.

Next, we have the more ang moh stuff – chicken pie. This is what it looks like at first.

This is what it looks like after it has been cut open.

It’s like a creamy chicken stew inside. You’ll find onions, potatoes, carrots and chunks of delicious chicken. Definitely one of the better chicken pies I’ve had.

It’s a little pricey at Swiss Bake, but unless you’re really on a budget, their wide range of breads, cakes and other less conventional pastries are definitely worth trying out.

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