Thai Cooking

What does Thai cooking really mean? Does it mean cooking that is Thai in style? Or does it mean a Thai person doing the cooking? I guess it doesn’t really matter. You don’t have to have good English or good teeth for that matter.

Hmmm… I wonder why the American guy didn’t stand in front of the camera and demonstrate it himself. I guess I might do better with a “double” if I ever do a cooking show. I’m scared of the splattering oil.

Probolinggo Mangoes

Mt Bromo Indonesia

Those who make their own way to Mt Bromo in East Java may be familiar with the Javanese coastal town of Probolinggo. Few people stop at this town in the rush to get up to Mt Bromo.

Being a coastal town, Probolinggo is not only good for seafood, it is also very famous for its mangoes. The other day at a fruit stall at Upper Serangoon, I came across a Probolinggo mangoes for sale. 3 for $10. I picked one ripe, one not so ripe and one quite unripe.

This is what the ripe one looks like. I’ll keeping the other 2 for later.

It doesn’t just look good, it tastes fantastic. Fragrant and sweet. Beats its Australian competitor hands down. So the next time you pass by Probolinggo on your way back to Surabaya from Bromo, grab a few of these mangoes, Knives are cheap in Indonesia. Just buy one from the provision shops. Use and throw before you board the plane.

Glutinous Rice

There are many ways to cook glutinous rice and it doesn’t always have to be lor mai gai. This dish is not new, but I’m sure very few people cook their lor mai fan this way. It’s very tasty and not complicated at all. You must try this at home one of these days.

You’ll need some white glutinous rice, soaked in water for at least 15 minutes. Don’t soak it overnight. It’ll start to ferment.

Dried shitake mushrooms, cut and soaked till they are soft.

Next, fry some shredded cuttlefish in oil till the oil is nice and fragrant. Then, you add in the mushrooms and one can of braised peanuts. Give it a good helping of oyster sauce and some sesame oil.

Add water, stir, add a bit more water, stir until you get a nice, gluey mix.

My mother who never cooks her glutinous rice this way once said that my lor mai fan looked pretty disastrous at this stage.

Next, you fill the gluey, uncooked mixture into a metal plate or tray. Then you mount it in a steamer and start steaming. I recommend 25 minutes.

You can tell that your rice is cooked when it turns translucent. Even my mother wouldn’t say that my lor mai fan is disastrous at this stage.

The finished product. Believe me, it’s delicious.

© Chan Joon Yee