Asam Fish

I’ve done this dish several times before. Just trying out a new mix this time, but being the maverick that I am, don’t expect me to follow instructions.

First, the vegetables, cut and washed. You’ll find eggplant, lady’s fingers, onions and tomatoes in my pot. Boil up with some water until they are soggy.

Cheating here. Ready-mixed asam paste. Please note that I’m not paid to do this blog entry.

The real secret to tasty fish in a broth is this. Fry the fish before cooking it in the pot. It takes up the flavours a lot better.

Into the pot it goes together with the boiling vegetables. I take about 30 minutes softening the vegetables and just 10-15 minutes cooking the fish.

There you have it. Goes wonderfully with white rice. It’s a bit spicier than the other brands of asam fish mixes, but this brand has to be my favourite.

© Chan Joon Yee