Seaweed Omelette

A very simple homely dish. Anyone who can fry an egg can make this.

It’s better to have more eggs, but I’m cooking this for just one person, so I had to make do with just 2 eggs. To this, I would add some pepper, some soy sauce and beat up the mixture.

The seaweed omelette will not taste like a seaweed omelette if there’s too little seaweed, but dried seaweed will soak up the egg and make it look dry. No rule of thumb here. Just add an appropriate amount based on intuition.

Frying the onions separately allows them to cook at a higher temperature and bring out the fragrance of the onions. At least that’s my theory. I don’t like to put the chopped onion into the egg.

There won’t be much egg left after you’ve put in the dried seaweed. If you’re cooking for the family, use more eggs. The rest is as simple as ABC.

© Chan Joon Yee