Vietnamese Spring Rolls 1st Attempt

Vietnamese spring rolls are not exactly my favourite. I guess I could modify it a bit to suit my own taste, but it seems like an easy dish to make, so I decided to give it a try.

First some minced chicken and prawns. I seasoned them with pepper, salt, sesame oil and light soy sauce. Not bad.

Next, the soaked tung hoon which I cut into small bits. Then, I tossed everything together with the meats and fried them up. I made sure there was not much liquid left as we would need to wrap this.

For the sauce or dip, I just went by feel. Fish sauce, sugar, balsamic vinegar (that’s the only vinegar I had at the moment) and some cut chillies. Turned out OK as well.

Here comes the tricky part. Do not soak the rice paper. Just dip it in a bowl of warm water for 3 seconds, then place it on a plate while it is still stiff. Otherwise, the rice paper will become too sticky and difficult to handle. Place the filling (I’ve added some parsley) and wrap it all up.

Quite a visual treat here, right? It tasted quite authentic (sans mint leaves), but I think the chicken should be left out. Pure prawns and some crunchy bean sprouts, cooked carrots and raw cucumber. Maybe leave the parsley out as well. I know it won’t be authentic then, but will suit my taste buds better.

Will do and show when I’m free.

© Chan Joon Yee