Fried Lala (Clams)

This is virtually an idiot-proof dish. No experience required. Just a bit of common sense.

First things first. Cut some minced garlic, spring onion, ginger, fresh chilli padi and toss everything around with some oil.

The star of the dish, the lala (clams). Just dump everything in and turn up the heat. Just as things start to get a bit fluid, add a teaspoon of salted beans.

Cook till the clams open up. Scoop up and serve your lala piping hot. I’ve added a bit too much salted beans here. Remember that lala is very flavourful and it really doesn’t need much seasoning. Other than that little warning, it’s very easy to cook.

Just don’t get the wrong lala.

Here come the teletubbies

© Chan Joon Yee