Vegetarian Biryani

This didn’t come out of my kitchen, but I had dinner at the hawker centre next to Compass Point at Sengkang last night. I tried to order a chicken biryani at the Indian food stall, but was informed by the Filipina cashier that they were a vegetarian stall. OK, so I ordered their vegetarian biryani.

On the left, with the lid still on, we have Indian “coleslaw” which is cucumber pickled in yoghurt. The desert is a piece of very sweet fried dough. Next to it, that red stuff is actually a paneer gravy. Yes, cubes of white Indian cheese cooked in some red-dyed gravy. Then finally on the right, we have a bowl of mixed vegetables cooked in very thin coconut gravy.

The rice is quite OK, but I’ll have to say that I miss my curry chicken. Biryani just doesn’t taste right without the curry.