Toa Payoh Char Kway Teow

The coffeeshop nearest the library at Toa Payoh is always busy at lunchtime. I’ve been studying at the College of TCM for the past 2 years and getting a seat here at lunchtime has always been near impossible. When there are no seats, I would go over to another coffeeshop facing the 40-storey buildings. That place is seldom packed.

I’ve tried the chicken rice, fish soup, “handmade” noodles and economical rice here. All rather mediocre. I don’t need to go down to Toa Payoh anymore, but sometimes, when the food and crowds at Orchard get too much to bear, I would still take a short train ride for lunch at Toa Payoh. I regret not trying the char kway teow back then. It’s another good choice at that less popular coffeeshop.