Tom Kha Gai

Let me tell you this. Thai food is not easer than Indian food. Here’s one of my first few attempts at Thai food. Don’t laugh if you happen to be an expert. First, they say prepare the usual tom yam herbs and spices. Since this is tom kha something, there must be kha or galangal ginger. I had lots of that, but I couldn’t find enough.

Since this is tom kha gai, there must be some gai or chicken. And here it is.

No mention of het in the name of this dish, but let’s have some mushrooms thrown in for good measure.

I just boiled everything up with diluted coconut milk, then added lime juice and fish sauce. Quite a bit of fish sauce was needed to get the taste right.

Here it is. I’m sure I could have done better with with more lime leaves, but this still tastes pretty decent.

© Chan Joon Yee