BBQ Seafood @ Blk 212, Kovan

It’s that 24H place next to the games arcade or superbowl. This place used to be famous for auntie’s superb satay, but I think auntie has either moved out or retired. So I decided to try out the BBQ seafood. $8 for a small slice of stingray isn’t terribly expensive, but I would have preferred my stingray a bit drier or more well done. The sambal used also lacks “punch”. Maybe too little oil. Not fantastic, but I’d still recommend it. An honourable hawker.

The fried vegetables were surprisingly good even though it’s not the main performer here. Lots of garlic, very flavourful ikan bilis and I also tasted a hint of oyster sauce. Good stuff. Pretty well done.

© Chan Joon Yee

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