Qian Li Xiang Char Kway Teow

Located at the basement of Novena Square 2 which is rather unhappening at the moment. Shops have moved out and the lunchtime crowd is quite manageable.

Qian Li Xiang may sound very China-ish, but the flavours are pretty local. There’s fried rice, hor fun and of course, my favourite is their char kway teow.

You order at the counter, pay up, receive your drinks, then move to the rear to grab a seat. The milk tea here is real milk tea – Toast Box or Yakun standard. I’m not sure about the nationality of the cook, but the fried kway teow, though not exactly “Penang” in flavour, is pretty decent.

Even when cooked by the same person, it can have daily variations. This day’s kway teow is a little short on cockles. The oil, however, is always plentiful.

© Chan Joon Yee

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