Sweet & Sour Fish

I’ve had this fish a million times, but I seldom do it because it’s really quite a chore to deep fry an entire fish. I’ve decided to try a little variation here.

Instead of the whole fish, I started off with frozen fillet. Just a bit salt, pepper and a good coat of flour and they’re ready for the frying pan.

With fish fillet, it’s possible to pan-fry the fish. Very difficult to get the fillet evenly browned as they are not totally flat.

Here are some of the solid ingredients for the gravy. Capsicum, ginger, onions, red chilli. I fried the ginger and onions first. When everything is nice and fragrant, I put in the capsicum and red chilli. Then finally pineapple cubes.

The secret to good sweet and sour fish lies in the gravy. What do I have in the gravy? Well, a secret.

To finish, I arranged the fried fish fillet on a plate and poured the thickened gravy over them. Sweet and sour fish with secret gravy is now done. Those who think you can persuade me to share my secret, please email makan@drchanskitchen.com

The kids loved it!

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