Curry Chicken Rice

When I was a youngster, curry chicken rice often came with negative connotations. That’s because it’s almost routinely served at funerals. Today, curry chicken rice is a hit dish at some makan places. My favourite is the noodle and chicken rice place at level 2 Lucky Plaza. Killney Kopitiam also serves that dish with rice or bread, but think the one at the noodle shop is tastier.

Curry chicken is actually very easy to prepare. First of all, you’d need to fry curry paste or powder with the chicken. I would also add a couple of stalks of bruised lemon grass to add fragrance to the curry.

Water is then added and the whole pot is brought to a boil. Let it simmer for about 30 minutes. You can do a little tasting and flavour adjustment during this time.

I don’t like my potatoes too mashy, so I’d normally put them into the pot a little later. Of course, coconut milk is a must in any Malay style chicken curry. Stir up the pot and let it cook for at least an hour. This way, the chicken will be soft and separates easily from the bone.

This is honest and flavourful chicken curry – not the watered down and thickened with starch type. I find it extremely appetising and as long as your curry is not too spicy, your kids will love it too. They normally end up eating more rice than usual.

© Chan Joon Yee

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