Hokkien Mee

This ought to be a favourite dish of mine if not for the pork. The best way to have great Hokkien mee is to cook it yourself. This is my idea of how Hokkien mee should be done. Here goes.

First, fry some garlic in oil. Once lightly brown and fragrant, add eggs and scramble.

Next, the noodles. Hokkien mee usually has coarse been hoon and cooked egg noodles.

Next, the soul of the dish – prawn stock. Add pepper, chives, cut red chillies, prawns, fish cake, bean sprouts and simmer. Continue simmering until the prawn stock is reduced and the noodles look a bit soggy.

Scoop up, squeeze some lime juice into it. Add chilli powder and you have a Hokkien prawn mee so nice that you won’t want to have any Hokkien mee at the food courts anymore.

© Chan Joon Yee

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