Two Moons In A Cake

The Mid Autumn Festival or Moon Cake Festival as it is sometimes called, has just ended and it’s time to finish up the moon cakes that our friends and business associates gave to us as gifts. Here’s a double yolk moon cake from a very well-known restaurant.

It says 双黄白莲 – double yolk, white lotus paste.

Upon dissection, we can clearly see 2 egg yolks. For the uninitiated, the yolks represent the moon. Two yolks dn’t represent two moons, but the Chinese prefer even numbers. They’re more auspicious.

Of course, the yolks are just salty additions. The taste comes from the lotus paste. In the past, there were bits of pork lard (yucks) lodged in the lotus paste. That’s why I didn’t like moon cakes then. People nowadays are more discerning. No bits of lard in there. Just pure and tasty lotus paste. This lotus paste tastes simply wonderful. Nice, sweet and doesn’t stick to your teeth.

I’m not crazy about the yolk. It’s just crumbly and salty – almost like an additive. It’s more aesthetic than anything else. Overall, I like this moon cake. It’s good to share with a friend and I haven’t figured out what wine to go with it.

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