Common Failures

The food business is one of the most forgiving businesses around. Because Singaporeans are generally so lazy to cook their own, you are quite unlikely to fail if you sell something their can’t easily cook on their own.

Recently, a burger shop opened at Tampinese Ave 4. Their business wasn’t brisk, so I decided to give them a chance. Note that I paid for everything I had here. Nobody sponsored me to write anything good or bad.

They have quite a number of set lunches, but since I was there before 9.00am, my choices were limited to the breakfast menu. The surroundings were pretty clean and comfortable. The lighting was good.

Here’s the Milo dinosaur. No surprises here. Just Milo with plenty of powder sprinkled over crushed ice. Anybody can make this at home.

The breakfast menu is unimpressive. Fried fish fingers. Anyone can fry this himself. Not impressive. Too common.

The same goes for French fries. Not special. No character. Tasted home-made.

That’s my burger with beef patty and turkey bacon. It took them almost 15 mins to deliver. The beef really tasted oil free and healthy, but apart from the seriously health conscious, I don’t think anyone would enjoying eating stuff like this regularly. We were the only customers.

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