Prawns & Tofu In Oyster Sauce

Another very simple yet tasty dish you can easily make at home. The most time-consuming and challenging part is actually the first step – frying pressed tofu.

Just cut up into small slices and fry them in oil under medium heat. Took me almost 30 minutes.

Here’s the easy part. Fry some garlic, toss in your mixed vegetables and prawns. Then, you would stir in your gravy mix which comprises water, cornstarch, oyster sauce and sugar.

Stir it well and once the gravy thickens, place in your fried tofu and simmer for a few minutes until the fried tofu soaks up the gravy.

And here it is, nicely plated. Even kids who don’t like vegetables and tofu may love this dish. Do try this at home.

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