Asam Fish

Fish is always nice when done a bit sour. That’s why we have tom yam pla, sweet sour fish and there’s always a slice of lemon served with fish and chips. Asam fish is just one of my favourites. It’s extremely appetising and flavourful – so much so that you may end up eating more rice that you originally intended.

005 (500x375)

Batang fish marinated with salt and pan fried with some oil. Fry till the fish browns on both sides.

006 (500x375)

Next comes the onions. I was a bit lazy here. Should have chopped them fine. The purpose is really to soak up the juice and add flavour to the fish when you eat the fish topped with onions slices.

007 (500x375)

The soul of the dish. I have 1 teaspoon of asam paste, 2 teaspoons of salt and a couple of tablespoons of light so sauce here. Have some cut chilli padi. It just doesn’t taste right if it’s not spicy.

021 (500x375)

And here is the finished product. Not very professional in terms of presentation, but it tasted awesome. My mouth waters every time I think of this dish.