Baked Sea Bass With Cashew Nuts

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I’ve heard about cashew nuts with chicken, but cashew nuts with fish? Well, I saw this in a recipe book and decided to try it out.

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First, I blended the cashew nuts like so.

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This must be one of the freshest sea bass I’ve ever managed to buy. It was also surprisingly cheap. Only $5.80. I marinated it with flour and light soya sauce. The book says pan fry it until the skin just starts to brown.

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The cashew nuts were then fried with minced garlic. Beware the nut burns easily.

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Next, we dress the fish up in the garlic and cashew nut mixture, wrap with aluminium foil and basked baked at 240 deg C for 30 mins.

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You could really taste and feel the freshness of the fish here. However, I think I used a bit too much garlic and the garlicky flavour drowned out the much milder buttery cashew nut flavour. Do try this at home. The kids will love it.