Sweet & Sour Eggplant

This dish is not too difficult but rather time consuming. That’s because eggplant takes a long time to cook well. From a nutritional point of view, the eggplant is rich in vitamins, minerals and has virtually no cholesterol and saturated fat. But make no mistake, in order to taste good, you need plenty of oil.

009 (500x375)

Take a look at this couple of beauties. You seldom find anything this nice, even at Sheng Siong where I got them for a song.

014 (500x375)

Fry the cut cubes of eggplant with oil. You’ll find that your oil disappears very fast, soaked up by the eggplant. Yes, more oil is needed. Next, you prepare the gravy. I would have asam paste, light soy sauce, sugar and dried shrimp and cut chilli. Pour into the fried eggplant and stew.

017 (500x375)

Cook until the gravy is reduced. Even though eggplant is pretty bland by itself, it tastes fantastic with all the juices that it has picked up from the gravy. Goes very well with white rice. Enjoy.