Polling Chicken

Check out the date for this posting. It’s Polling Day for the Punggol East By Election. Let this wonderful dish remind us of this significant day in Singapore history. OK, the chickens involved in this dish didn’t actually vote this morning. This dish is actually a 糖醋 chicken. You are probably more familiar with pork ribs cooked this way and those who know me will know why I’ve substituted pork ribs with chicken wings.

028 (640x480)

First, the oil and the ginger. As easy as marking a cross on your polling card. Fry the ginger slices until they’re nice and fragrant.

030 (640x480)

Next, chicken wings and five spice powder. Fry until the chicken is partially cooked.

032 (640x480)

The most interesting part, caramelising sugar. About 4 tablespoons of sugar, a little water, turn up heat and dissolve sugar until it gets really viscous and bubbly. Slowly, you’re see the mixture turn light brown.

033 (640x480)

Pour in the partially cooked chicken wings, add vinegar, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, a little water and stew.

036 (640x480)

And here’s the finished product. Nice and glossy with a mild fragrance of vinegar and ginger. It’s sweet and sticky. Wonderful taste. The kids loved it.