Soya Chicken

This is time-consuming dish – especially if you want your chicken soft and well-done. However, once you’ve learnt how to make this, you won’t feel like ordering the “commercial” soya chicken outside anymore.

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A big chicken will be difficult to cook, so make sure you get a relatively small one – something that can fit into a large bowl. You can see my chicken here, all marinated with five-spice powder.

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Apart from five-spice powder, you’ll need some seasoning in the form of dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, rock sugar and garlic. Next step is simple. Just add water and boil the chicken for an hour or so. In the meantime, you would need to prepare the accompaniment which is usually eggs and pressed bean curd.

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Notice that I’ve used quail eggs here. You can use normal-sized chicken eggs, of course, but my kids prefer quail eggs. Remember not to stew the accompaniment for too long. Cook the chicken for an hour first, then, add the quail eggs and pressed tofu.

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Simmer everything for another hour and your dish is ready for the dining table.

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Obviously, this is not the sort of dish you would attempt if you only have half an hour or so to prepare a meal. Nevertheless, it’s a real treat for a special occasion like Chinese New Year. A very happy Chinese New Year to everybody out there.

© Chan Joon Yee

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