Leeks With Waxed Duck

Waxed duck is a common delicacy during Chinese New Year, but nowadays, not many people know how to manage it. Here’s a dish I’ve learned from my mother and modified a little to suit my taste. It’s actually very easy to prepare.

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I should have sliced the leeks obliquely, but I forgot. Just remember that when you make this dish. Not many people know how to manage leeks either. They don’t know what they’re missing because leeks are some of the best sources of Vitamin K. Check this out.


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This waxed duck drumstick cost me about $8. It’s pricey, but what the heck? It’s just once a year. It doesn’t smell very good on its own and handling it may result in quite a mess, but it’s worth the effort. Like salted fish and Chinese ham, it can be used in fried rice too.

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Dice up the waxed duck and fry it in a pan. No oil is required. Fry till the duck starts smoking, giving off a pleasant smell.

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In goes the leeks and just keep frying till the leeks start to brown and its aroma competes with that of the waxed duck. Add some water, a dash of dark soy sauce and we’re done. That simple.

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For the sake of the kids, I didn’t add any chillies here, but I’ve got to tell you that it goes very well with garlic chilli sauce.

© Chan Joon Yee

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