Tofu Appetiser

Most of the appetisers we find in Chinese restaurants are nuts and pickles. There’s this restaurant at JB that serves a very special tofu appetiser. I like it so much (mostly because of the originality) that I’ve decided to try making it myself. Here goes.


First, you need to fry the diced tofu until you get a crispy crust. I didn’t deep fry this. Just a little bit of oil in a non-stick pot with a lid on. Keep tossing and stirring and this is what you’ll get.


The soul of the dish. Asam paste, sugar, soy sauce and water. Add sliced shallots and chilli padi. Boil up the mixture, then add it to the tofu like a sauce or gravy.


Toss it around and the dish is ready. The restaurant actually served this as an appetiser. What do you think?