Kerala Fish Curry

Kerala regionally also Keralam, is a state located in the south-west region of India on the Malabar coast. This state in India is known for its spices and seafood. The fish curry here is made in a slightly different way from what we are familiar with. This dish is also called meen fish curry.


Star of the dish, the fish! I’ve got some nice and fresh snapper from Sheng Siong here, all neatly sliced up.


Marinated with salt, pepper, lime juice and tumeric. Keep it in the fridge for an hour or so.


And here are the ingredients all nicely chopped up. We have sliced ginger, green chilli, 2 big and non-spicy, one small and spicy, curry leaves, garlic, tomatoes. I know I’m supposed to cut them up, but they look so cute that I have to take a picture before I do that.

You’d need to fry the ingredients until they are really fragrant, then just add coconut milk and more tumeric and salt. Once the coconut broth has started boiling, add in the fish and cook for just 10 minutes. This dish is ready. My kids love it. I’m sure your will. Don’t wait for our population to hit 6.9 million and the food centres are crowded beyond belief before you start your kitchen stove.


© Chan Joon Yee