Beat The Haze Soup

This is one easy soup to prepare to help you beat the heat and the haze. Ingredients are really simple and everything is done in just 45 minutes.


I left the soya bean sticks out so you can see the ingredients in the water. Just rock sugar, green beans.


Rather than coconut milk, you can use soya bean sticks and boil them so long that they turn milky. This gives you a richer, more fragrant and flavourful soup.


This is what is looks like when it just starts to boil. And after boiling for 45 minutes, it looks completely different.


The soya bean sticks have all disintegrated and you’ve made for yourself a nice, rich yet low calorie soup to help you beat the heat and the haze. Try it at home. The kids will love it.

© Chan Joon Yee

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