Grand Dining

蔡澜 or Chua Lam is a Singaporean author who is now Hongkong’s Foreign Talent.

In this video, Chua Lam shows us the ultimate in luxury and indulgence in Macau. I’m not against a little enjoyment once in a while. Having truffles shaved into your mouth is really a dream come true.

Undeniably, it’s a great eye-opener, but beyond that, it’s all hollow extravagance. How long can one sustain the wow factor? If you don’t know how to spend your “excess” money, for Buddha’s sake, use it to help the less fortunate. Notice that I mention “less fortunate” and not “poor”. People can be poor for a variety of reasons. To my mind, the less fortunate are the ones who deserve to be helped – not necessarily those who are poor.

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