Lost Dishes

This video really caught my attention. Lost homemade dishes recovered from a series of books published during the 1950s. Lost from the dinner table at home, these dishes are now resurrected in a Chinese restaurant. Chua Lam gives some pretty frank comments. His 好玩多过好吃 refers to 肉心蛋. I can’t understand this one. Why go through the trouble of draining the contents of the egg and then refilling it with meat and egg white? I don’t see how all this trouble can enhance the taste of the egg white or the meat. Perhaps a good April Fool trick.

Actually, I’m most impressed with how the chef managed to make some really tasty fishes out of cheap fish. The olive marinate is especially educational, but I’ll probably have trouble finding the raw olives. The most interesting dish which I plan to make myself, is the stuff snow peas. I believe this one will taste good. Watch this space.

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