Black Pepper Chicken Rice

This is one dish I “discovered” recently purely through experimentation. Chicken rice is my kids’ all-time favourite. I’ve decided to give it a bit of variation black pepper chicken. Have you ever thought of roasting chicken in a microwave oven? It can be done.

The first step is of course to marinate the chicken. I’ve done this with a mixture of black pepper, coarse salt and sesame seeds. In the meantime, I cook my rice in the usual way.

Ginger and garlic oil, sesame seed oil, seasoning and pandan leaves. Just let it cook until it’s nice and fluffy.

30 mins in the microwave oven and our chicken is nicely roasted. Absolutely delicious. The kids loved it.

Sangria & Apricots


This is a cheap, $16 wine which I had every intention to convert into Sangria. After tasting it on its own, I realised that it wasn’t so bad. It had a hint of nuts but was still rather acidic. The sangria that I made out of it, was superb.


For dessert, I had some of that sangria with a plate of organic dried apricots. Notice the dark colour. Most dried apricots have been treated with sulphur dioxide to make them look a more pleasing orange. I prefer my dried apricots without the acrid taste.

A nice, healthy dessert you can enjoy at home. Try it.

Chan’s Fishball Noodles


Here is one homely dish that I’d like to share with you. One of the most important steps in making Chan’s fishball noodles is to prepare the mushroom sauce. Thin mushroom slices are washed and drained. Then you add water, soy sauce and sesame oil. Stew the mixture for an hour. There you have your killer mushroom sauce.


The next step is even easier. Just add a blob of garlic oil, ketchup, oyster sauce and black vinegar into a bowl or plate. Boil the noodles, fish cake, fishballs and vegetables.


Toss it up really well and you’re ready to eat. Apart from the killer mushroom sauce (which you can cook in bulk and keep), preparing this dish doesn’t take much time at all.