Chan’s Seafood Char Kway Teow

Char kway teow is a notorious dish responsible for many clogged arteries in Singapore. To mitigate the guilt, I’ve come up with a char kway teow fried in olive oil. OK, it’s still oil and won’t do anything positive (or is it negative?) for the waistline, but it’s going to taste great on a Friday evening. So here goes.

First thing, lots of oil and lots of garlic. This is followed by an egg. Scramble it well and make sure you see lots of bubbles. No bubbles, not enough oil.

I don’t have to sell this for $3, so that’s why I’m so generous with the prawns and cuttlefish. I add in the yellow noodles first as the kway teow gets soggy real fast. Toss it around very quickly until the yellow noodles loosen up a bit.

I’ve put in the kaway teow, covered up by the green vegetables and bean sprouts in this picture. Add a bit of fish sauce and pepper for flavouring. Also add some water to prevent the kway teow from sticking.

It really doesn’t take long to cook. Once you’re almost done, add sweet black sauce and sambal chilli. Ai hiam mai hum.

And here’s the final product. A great way to start a Friday evening. Should go well with a port wine. Have a great weekend, guys.

© Chan Joon Yee

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