Singapore’s Favourite Breakfast – Carrot Cake

Making this dish requires a bit of skill and practice, but the secret that hawkers don’t want you to know is – it’s actually not that difficult to make.

First of all, dice up the carrot cake that you bought from the supermarket. Mix it with some minced garlic, oil and start frying. Note that the “raw” carrot cake is quite firm. Be sure to toss it around and fry in until it is soft and able to absorb the sauces.

Once the carrot cake has softened, crack a couple of eggs over it and let it cook. For seasoning, I would like to give it a few tablespoons of tuna fish sauce. The trademark fragrance of this dish comes from cilantro. You can use green onion if you like, but I prefer cilantro. Once that is done, turn down the heat and add sweet soy sauce. Chilli paste if you like it a bit spicy.

That’s it. No more queuing at the hawker centre.

Carrot Cake

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