Vietnamese Popiah

This should be the second time I’m preparing this dish. which is inspired by a similar dish I ordered at Kad Farang, Hang Dong, Thailand.

I tasted mint leaves, basil and shrimp, so here it is – my interpretation.


Most of the ingredients are here – all available at Cold Storage.


The sweet and sour dipping sauce is all important to this dish. I’ve decided to use honey as my sweetener.


Shrimp and bean sprouts, all done in less than 5 mins. I like my bean sprouts crunchy. A couple of table spoons of soya sauce would be all the seasoning you need.


For the sourness, I add vinegar. Some crushed peanuts appeared in the sauce at the restaurant. I’ve decided to follow that.


My wrapping skills still have some way to go, but I think I did a pretty decent job here. In terms of taste, I like it even better than the restaurant dish. Go try it yourself.