Pickled Clams

This was my favourite dish to go with white porridge when I was in Taiwan. From Taipei to Tainan, I had it for breakfast almost every day. I thought of making this myself, but I have no idea how it is done. From the picture, I see soy sauce, chilli, lime, garlic. Does anyone know the strength of the soy sauce? Full strength? For how long?

This is a picture from another blog showing Taiwanese street food. I can spot a few familiar ingredients but the method is still a mystery. Since answers are not forthcoming, there’s only one thing to do – experiment.


First, I lined the bottom of my container with slightly crushed garlic, pieces of squeezed lime and chilli padi.


On top of that goes my live clams. Then in goes the light soy sauce – undiluted.


I then shut the container tight with its lid and placed the whole thing in the refrigerator. I presume the clams are ready to eat when they open up slightly. That’s the way I found them when I ate them in Taiwan. Can anybody spot me doing anything wrong? Pray tell.