Lo Mai Gai

Ubiquitous to tim sum outlets the world over, lo mai gai (lor mai kai). I’m quite surprised that not many people prepare this at home when it’s actually so easy to do.


stewed mushrooms

First and foremost, stew your mushrooms in oyster sauce, sesame oil and ginger slices. If you use fresh mushrooms, you’d just need to stew for 5-10 minutes. With dried mushrooms, you may want to do it for at least 20 mins to 30 mins.


marinating chicken

While the mushroom was stewing, the chicken should have been marinating in soy sauce, sesame oil, Chinese cooking wine and cornstarch. Make sure you mix the cornstarch into the chicken. I left it unmixed so you can see it. Dump the chicken into the mushroom stew. Give it a quick fry. You only need to half cook the chicken.

Your glutinous rice should have been soaking for 20 mins. Cook it in a pot and add a few tablespoons of soya sauce and a few dashes of white pepper. Stir well at low heat until you get a gooey mixture.


ready for steaming

Place the “stuffing” at the bottom of the bowl. Then, my little secret to add extra fragrance to the dish – a few teaspoons of Chinese cooking wine are added to the “stuffing” before the rice is placed over it. Pack it tight. Steam it for 30 mins. Lift up when the bowl is cool, then invert the bowl over a plate and tap out the contents.


lor mai gai

And here it is – homemade lor mai gai. Do try this on your own. The kids will love it.