A Salad Like No Other

I’m not crazy about salads outside, but I do enjoy those that I prepare at home. Many “well-dressed” salads are actually not very healthy. The greens are rich in fibre, of course, but if you’re like me, salads without a rich dressing can cause stomach upset. And according to TCM theory, eating too much raw stuff will tax the spleen and encourage the formation of phlegm. It’s healthy, but eat in moderation.


I’ve got my Italian leaves butter lettuce and cherry tomatoes washed and sliced up here.


I like my salads sweet and sour. Some extra virgin olive oil would be nice, but that’s optional for me. I just need some Worcestershire sauce and honey.


Finally, something to add a bit of crisp to the dish – fried bamboo grubs from Thailand. The Thai words say “rot duan” which means express train in Thailand. It’s something like a slang but the proper term is non mai pai which translates as worm of bamboo. It’s crispy and quite tasty, besides being rich in protein. Deep fried, however, it is actually richer in fat. Moderation.