Grilled Squid


First, prepare the squid. Remove eye, tentacles, gut, skin, spine etc. Then, season with salt, pepper and olive oil.


Load into a baking tray and bake at 240 deg. Once water begins to pool, pour it away and continue baking until it looks something like this.


Dish it out, cut the squid into rings like this:


And we’re ready to serve. Don’t be surprised if it tastes better than what you order in the restaurants. Below is my secret sauce.


Actually, what goes into the sauce depends on personal taste. You’d want it to be sour, salty, sweet and a little spicy. Start experimenting today. Your kids will love it.

Paper Baked Chicken

I’ve always wanted to experiment with paper baking. The difference between baking and grilling is that baking keeps the moisture and aromas better. This is especially true for dishes seasoned with wine. Anyone who thinks that bay leaves have mild flavours and tries baking with bay leaves wrapped inside will realise that this herb can give off a very strong and unpleasant smell if you manage to seal everything in during the baking process. Used in moderation, all seasonings and condiments attain peak performance when used for baking.

Here’s my paper baked chicken using breast meat which is notoriously dry.


The first step is to prepare the marinate. I’ve got garlic, ginger, sweet sauce, black pepper, oyster sauce, cornstarch.


The chicken is added. This is when I pour in some hua diao wine and let the marinate sit for an hour or so in the refrigerator.


Ready for the oven. After marinating for an hour, the chicken cubes are placed on baking paper and folded. The wrapped chicken is allowed to bake for 30 minutes at about 220 deg C.


Fresh from the oven and steaming hot. There was quite a bit of leakage, so layer of aluminium foil might have helped.


I love the way the fragrance of the wine is kept. Even though it’s chicken breast, the meat was not dry. Perhaps it could have been even tastier if the cubes were cut smaller and some chilli oil to add some kick to it. Do try this at home. The kids will love it.