Lessons From Greece

Greek cuisine is somewhat predictable. Variety is not its major strength, but simple taste and healthfulness are. Greek salad is one of those guiltless dishes you may try. I had it almost every day when I was in Greece.

Greek salad

You can probably guess the ingredients. I have some tomatoes (the expensive variety that you get from Cold Storage), cucumber (also the expensive Japanese type), onions and feta cheese. The dressing is made up of extra virgin olive oil, salt, lemon juice, dill and oregano. Toss it well. Coupled with bread, you can eat the salad as a meal. I don’t believe in low carb diets. Be sure to use the right kind of tomatoes. Unfortunately, youre kids may not like it.

Thessaloniki is often regarded as the food and fashion capital of Greece. Everything is so stylish and tasty over here. There’s fine dining with great ambience by the sea. In the morning, you can jog along the waterfront to shed those extra pounds. Make no mistake, Greek food is high in fat. The low incidence of cardiovascular disease in Greece may have more to do with their carefree lifestyles and attitudes than the much-touted Mediterranean diet. The video below shows Greek seafood rice being prepared at a restaurant (actually outside the restaurant) at Thessaloniki.

I liked it so much that I decided to DIM.

Do try this at home. I think your kids should like this.

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