Salmon Olio Pasta


This is another one of those 15-min breakfast preparations that you can find at Dr Chan’s Kitchen. The star ingredient here is salmon flakes. You can easily get a can of it from your local supermarket. It doesn’t look much, but it’s more than enough for one person.


This is what it looks like on the inside. You may want to break the flakes down into smaller bits so that they’ll mix well with the pasta.


Spaghetti cooked in salted water for about 10 mins.


And here’s my unique way of preparing the oil. Some extra virgin olive oil in slices of chilli and minced garlic. No browning of of the garlic. Turn off the heat once it starts bubbling.


Toss it all up and you’ll have a nice, bland-looking but very flavourful pasta for breakfast. You only need 15 mins. Skip the lousy food courts.

Buddy Hoagies Review

baby chef

I’m rather cynical about dining out – which is why I cook so often. However, I don’t make all the decisions at home, so on this fine sunny Sunday morning, we decided to give Buddy Hoagies (probably some franchise) at Waterway Point a try. At about 12.20pm, we ordered a grilled chicken, a seafood platter and a Hawaiian pizza.

The chicken and seafood platter came at about 12.45pm. The chicken was quite good. The seafood platter was mediocre. There were about 4 pieces of shrimp, 2 slices of dory and a few rings of calamari. The prices appear reasonable, but not exactly great value for money.

We finished our food in about 15 mins – half the waiting time and nothing was heard about the pizza. The staff asked if they could clear our table and when we didn’t leave, they asked us if we were waiting for any other order. Yes, the pizza. They said they’d check. The senior waitress said that the pizza would normally take 15 mins.

Yao mo gao chor ah? The non-pizza dishes already took almost 30 mins. All in all, we’ve waited for more than 45 mins. She must have thought we had just ordered and already demanding to see the foetal pizza. Two complimentary ice creams appeared. The pizza soon arrived and we regretted ordering it. Yes, it was awful. Even my younger son, a pizza fanatic, couldn’t finish it.

Will I go back again? I don’t think so. But anybody from Buddy Hoagies reading this should not get too worried. First of all, there’s probably nothing wrong with the brand. It’s just that in Singapore, the terribly unglamourous F&B sector is infamous for taking in the inept rejects from other industries. There is so little pride in the field that educated people actually get insulted if you ask them if they’re hawkers. Secondly, I’m hardly an influencer like Xiaxue. People trust her advertorials a lot more than they trust my reviews done without any payment. The makan places I’ve panned still attract the crowds. When I last checked, Buddy Hoagies gets 4 star-reviews (out of a max. of 5). I guess I’ll just go back to my kitchen and leave the rest of you to enjoy yourselves.

CNY Dinner 2016

After a healthy dose of vegetarian food on the first day of Chinese New Year, it’s time to bring out the meat dishes. Here are two of my favourite CNY dishes since childhood.


This is cured duck meat, also known as 腊鸭 in Chinese. I would dice them first. Though I’m not fanatical about low fat food, you may observe that I’ve sliced off the skin and visible fat. Believe me, this thing is still dripping with fat after my “lipo”.


My next ingredient – garlic sprouts, also known as 蒜苗。 Slice them up nicely. Till they look something like this.


I would set this aside and fry the cured duck meat until oil oozes out. There’s no need to add cooking oil. Next, the garlic sprouts go in. I’d fry until they turn soft, then add some cut chillis and sweet black sauce.


All done in less than 10 mins. Our next star of the dinner table during Chinese New Year is none other than abalone. Canned abalone always tastes better than fresh abalone, so don’t try to be smart here.


Pick out the abalone and cut it into thin slices. Keep the liquid in the can. Next, fry up some garlic in oil till brown and fragrant. In goes the abalone slices. Toss them around to soak in the garlic oil, then pour in about half of the liquid from the can. The other half can go into your soup. Next, flavour with a couple of tablespoons of oyster sauce. Stir till the oyster sauce has all dissolved. Add some corn starch dissolved in Chinese cooking wine, chopped cilantro, chilli slices and a very tasty and expensive dish is done.


You don’t have to be an expert to make these great dishes. Do try them at home. Happy New Year!