Top Shell Salad

Top shell is sometimes playfully called poor man’s abalone. Well, it does have a texture very similar to cheap abalone, but I would not try to use it as a substitute for abalone because top shell works marvellously in some dishes for which abalone is not suitable. One good example if top shell salad.


Top shell salad is very easy to make. There is no cooking required at all. I begin with some sliced red chilli, minced garlic, chopped onions and lemon juice in the bowl.


Next, I open up the can of top shell and slice each piece of top shell into half. I would then mix it well with the chopped ingredients. You can keep the sauce for stewing mushrooms.


And here it is. You can add some chopped cilantro and/or julienned cucumber too. It goes very well with a glass of whisky or brandy. Enjoy.

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