Salmon Olio Pasta


This is another one of those 15-min breakfast preparations that you can find at Dr Chan’s Kitchen. The star ingredient here is salmon flakes. You can easily get a can of it from your local supermarket. It doesn’t look much, but it’s more than enough for one person.


This is what it looks like on the inside. You may want to break the flakes down into smaller bits so that they’ll mix well with the pasta.


Spaghetti cooked in salted water for about 10 mins.


And here’s my unique way of preparing the oil. Some extra virgin olive oil in slices of chilli and minced garlic. No browning of of the garlic. Turn off the heat once it starts bubbling.


Toss it all up and you’ll have a nice, bland-looking but very flavourful pasta for breakfast. You only need 15 mins. Skip the lousy food courts.

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