Cooking Rice In A Microwave Oven

This is the first time I’m doing something so crazy with my microwave oven and it’s all because I wanted to cook some rice just for myself without dirtying the entire rice cooker.


Here’s the rice. Anticipating more evaporation, I gave it just a little bit more than the usual amount of water. This goes into the microwave and I cooked it at high heat for about 5 mins. The mixture boiled till the swollen grains appeared on the surface. I gave it a stir and continued cooking at low heat for 5 mins.


This is what it should look like. It may appear dry on the surface, but it’s actually pretty moist. Toss it around, then cook at low heat for another couple of minutes.


Microwaved rice is a little softer than rice you normally get in your automatic rice cooker. I use pretty high quality fragrant rice, but the fragrance seemed to be missing in the microwaved rice. Perhaps a lid would have given me better results.

Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum

This translates roughly as Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum and it looks a bit like wild chrysanthemum. Upon brewing, it gives out a bit more colour than flavour. The common Hangzhou chrysanthemum tastes better, but it’s not bitter like wild chrysanthemum, so sugar is optional. It actually tastes a bit like honey.





昆仑雪菊 is rather pricey. That’s because it is rare, difficult to harvest and believed to have some therapeutic effects, lowering blood pressure, blood cholesterol and also cools and detoxifies. Don’t throw your medicines away. The health benefits are probably exaggerated.

According to Baidu: