Fried Rice Paradise (with a special soya sauce)

Don’t blame me for yet another fried rice video. Dick Lee says we have 99 varieties in Singapore. Well, maybe not that many, but as far as fried rice goes, almost anything goes. This dish is special as I’m using a soya sauce given to me by a friend from Ipoh. This brand of soya sauce has a hint of sweetness and gave a unique flavour to my fried rice. Should also serve as an excellent marinate for bulgogi.

I’m an experimenter. The same dish should not taste the same on different days. I cook without any recipes or guidelines. This way, I can change the ingredients and vary the style to suit my taste and mood of the day.

Some Recommendations For Hawker Food

I found this guy’s video on YouTube and thought I would share this one with you. I still prefer my DIY Hokkien mee, char kway teow and or luak. So much tastier and meatier and with the Michelin star going around, you won’t know when these stalls are going to get sold or even get listed on the stock exchange – at which time standards are almost certain to drop.

Easy Bake

Wonderful salmon dishes and so easy to make. I saw this video being shared on Facebook and decided to embed it here in case it gets “lost”. I’ll definitely try some of them out.